Kiril A Streletzky (DrS)
 Title: Professor
 Dept: Physics
 Office: SI 223
 Phone: 216-687-2433,  216-687-2433
 Fax: 216-523-7268
 Address: 2121 Euclid Ave. SI 223, Cleveland, OH 44115

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Research Keywords:
Dynamic Light Scattering(DLS), Depolarized Dynamic Light Scattering(DDLS), Photon Correlation Spectroscopy(PCS), Static Light Scattering(SLS), Rheology, Dilute and Concentrated Polymer Solutions, Polymer and Protein Dynamics, Lower Critical Solution Temperature(LCST), Micelles, Microgels, Complex Fluids, Targeted/Controlled Drug Delivery Vessels, Environmentally sensitive nanoparticles, Anisotropic particle diffusion, Small Angle Neutron Scattering(SANS), Small Angle X-ray Scatterin
B.S., Chemical Physics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia, 1991
Ph.D., Physics, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA, 1998
Brief Bio:
Dr. Kiril Streletzky (a.k.a. Dr. S) is an associate professor of Physics and a strong believer in the exceptional educational value of undergraduate research. He has mentored 60+ undergraduates in soft matter research through independent studies, honors theses, McNair projects, and summer research projects in his state-of-the-art light scattering lab. These efforts, supported by $700k in external and internal funding, have led to 12 peer-reviewed papers coauthored by 16 undergraduates (two more currently in preparation).

Recently, Dr. S has expanded his mentoring role as the PI of CSU's NSF-supported Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Site: "Synthesis, Assembly, and Characterization of Soft Matter Systems" which each summer guides cohorts of undergraduates through the research enterprise by immersing them in a 10-week mentored research experience.

Beyond mentoring his own undergraduate researchers, Dr. S also has a unique role in training the CSU physics cohort at large as the faculty advisor to the CSU chapter of the Society of Physics Students (SPS), a position he has held since 2005. Dr. S also participates in training of CSU STEM students as a faculty advisor to the Choose Ohio First program in the lower division Success in Math track (since 2017) and the upper division Research/Outreach track (since 2018). In these roles, Dr. S supported numerous undergraduate researchers by developing a student seminar series, chaperoning students to regional/national conferences, organizing student conferences, and promoting research opportunities. He also served for 6 years as an elected member of the National SPS Council, where he advocated for a greater emphasis on undergraduate research nationwide.

Dr. Streletzky holds a BS Physics degree from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and a PhD in Physics from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.
Honors and Awards:
President of the Society of Physics Students (SPS) 2021-2023
2020 Merit Recognition Award, CSU
2019 Merit Recognition Award, CSU

Zone Counselor for Zone 7, Society of Physics Students, 2016-2019
2017 Merit Recognition Award, CSU
2016 Merit Recognition Award, CSU

2015 SPS Outstanding Chapter Advisor Award, American Institute of Physics
2014 Merit Recognition Award, CSU

2014 Golden Apple Award, CSU Alumni Association
2013 Merit Recognition Award, CSU

Zone Counselor for Zone 7, Society of Physics Students, 2013-2016
2012 Merit Recognition Award, CSU (Teaching)
2011 STEMM Travel Award, CSU Center for STEMM Education, $500
2011 Merit Recognition Award, CSU    
2010 CSU Scholarship Inititive Award, $5,000, University Research Council, CSU

2009 College of Science Jearl Walker Outstanding Teaching Award
2009 Merit Recognition Award, CSU
2007 Merit Recognition Award, CSU

COS Engaged Learning Award, 2006-2007: "Enhancing Modern Physics Labs and Demos: Studio-Style Approach", $9,999.65, College of Science, CSU
2006 Merit Recognition Award, CSU

Graduate Faculty Travel Award, 2006, University Research Council, CSU
Faculty Grant Writing Academy Award, 2006 ($500 Stipend), Research Institutes, CSU

Teaching Enhancement Award, 2005-2006: "Expanding the Advanced Teaching Labs", $4,675 from the University Center for Teaching and Learning, CSU
Creative and Activities:
Invited Colloquium: "Using Light Scattering to Study Structure, Dynamics and Phase Transitions in Soft Matter Systems", Kiril A. Streletzky, Department of Macromolecular Science and Engineering, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland OH, Dec 6, 2019

Invited Presentaton: "PhysCon 2019: Making Waves&Breaking Boundaries", Kiril A. Streletzky, Ohio Section of the American Physical Society meeting, The College of Wooster, Mar 29, 2019

Invited colloquium: "Microgel Structure, Dynamics, and Phase Transitions studied by Light Scattering", K. A. Streletzky, Department of Chemistry, CSU, Oct 12, 2018

Invited talk: "Discovering Structure, Dynamics, and Phase Transitions of Soft Matter and of student interest in research in the Light Scattering Spectroscopy Lab" K. A. Streletzky, STEM Fellows Program, CSU, Feb 27, 2017

Invited talk, "Discovering structure, dynamics, and phase transitions of soft matter and ... of undergraduate interest in physics in the Light Scattering Spectroscopy Lab", K.A. Streletzky, COSHP, Apr 10, 2015

"Using Light Scattering and Undergraduate Research to study environmentally responsive nanoparticles", K. A. Streletzky, CSU STEM Program, Invited Talk, Nov 18, 2014.

"Engaged physics learning through undergraduate (macromolecular) research, undergraduate teaching, and SPS activities", K.A. Streletzky, 246th ACS National Meeting, Physical Chemistry Macromolecular Session, Indianapolis, Invited Talk, Sep 10, 2013.

"Depolarized Dynamic Light Scattering Study of FeOOH Spindle in Solution", K.A.Streletzky, P.Dee, O.V.Dement'eva, V.M.Rudoy, Colloidal Conference 2013, Moscow Jul13

"Characterization of Size and Shape of Thermoreversible Micelles of Elastin-Like Polypeptides", K.W.Vandemark, B.Kracke, A.Ghoorchian, K.A.Streletzky, T.Hugel, N.B.Holland, Colloids & Nanomedicine 2012, Amsterdam 15Jul12

"Using Light Scattering & undergraduate research to study environmentally responsive nanoparticles", K.A. Streletzky, Physics Department, John Carroll University, 24Feb12 (Invited Colloquium)

"Undergraduate Research & other extracurricular student engagement as Pedagogy of 21st century", K.A. Streletzky, 2010 Jearl Walker Outstanding Teaching Award, CSU, 5Nov10 (Keynote Address)

"Microgels above and below volume phase transition: structure, dynamics, loading capacity" K.A. Streletzky, Department of Macromolecular Science and Engineering, CWRU, 16 Oct09 (Invited Colloquium)

"Polymeric nanoparticles as drug delivery vesicles" K.A. Streletzky, Department of Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences, CSU, 31Oct08 (Invited Colloquium)

"Experimental Studies of Dynamics, Structure, and Critical behavior in Complex Fluids" K.A. Streletzky, Department of Chemistry, CSU, 11Apr08 (Invited Colloquium)

"Destruction, Amorphization and Reactivity of Nano BN under Ball Milling" A.N.Streletskii, D.G.Permenov, I.V.Kolbanev, A.V.Leonov, B.B.Bokhonov, I.V.Berestetskaya, K.A.Streletzky, 14th International Symposium on Metastable and Nano-Materials, Corfu, GREECE 27Aug07

"Diffusive Transport in Hydroxypropylcellulose" K.A. Streletzky, Department of Chemistry, Macromolecular Group & IGERT program, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge LO, 26Apr06 (Invited Colloquium)

"Impressions and Perceptions of Light Scattering" K.A. Streletzky, Physics Dept, SUNY-Potsdam, Potsdam NY, 16Apr03(Invited Lecture)

"Optical Probe Diffusion Experiments in Polymer Solutions" K.A. Streletzky, Chemistry Dept, IUPUI, Indianapolis, Jul02(Invited Seminar)

"Direct Measurement of Peak Nucleation in Shaped Supersonic Nozzles" K.A. Streletzky, Technical University of Eindhoven, Holland, 1Nov01(Invited Seminar)

"Shaped Supersonic Nozzles and Direct Nucleation Measurement" K.A. Streletzky, University of Stuttgart, Germany, 21Oct01(Invited Colloquium)
Research Interests:
Structure, dynamics, nanoparticle formation, and critical phenomena in complex fluids: polymer solutions, proteins constructs, micelles, nucleotides, microgels, colloids, and gels.

Environmentally Sensitive Nanoparticles as targeted drug delivery and release agents, biosensors, permeability modifiers

Noninvasive techniques for probing particle structure and dynamics:
Dynamic and Static Light Scattering Spectroscopy, Depolarized Light Scattering,
Spectrophotometry, X-ray Scattering, Neutron scattering, FTIR Spectrometry, and Rheology
Teaching Areas:
University Physics I and II (PHY 241, PHY 242),
University Physics for Honors I and II (PHY 243H, PHY 244H) -- NEW COURSE

Modern Physics (PHY 330),
Modern Physics Laboratory (PHY 335) -- NEW COURSE

Optics (PHY 450/550)
Optics Lab/Advanced Optics Lab (PHY 455/555)
Image Processing (PHY 565)

Advanced Topics in Physics (PHY 493),
Independent Study (PHY 497),
Advanced Physical Lab (PHY 411)
Problem Solving Seminar (PHY 495)

Special Topics in Physics (PHY 593),
Graduate Project (PHY 598)
Professional Affiliations:
Sigma Pi Sigma,
Society of Physics Students (SPS),
American Physical Society (APS),
American Association of Physics Teachers,
American Association of University Professors,
American Association for Aerosol Research,
Neutron Scattering Society
Professional Experience:
06/16- Affiliated faculty member of the Department of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH
08/10- Associate Professor of Physics, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH
09/04-08/10 Assistant Professor of Physics, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH
09/01-08/04 Adjunct Assistant Professor of Physics, Worcester Polytechnic Institute(WPI), Worcester, MA
12/98-09/01 Post Doctoral Fellow, Chemical Engineering Department, WPI, Worcester, MA
06/93-10/98 Research Assistant, Physics Department, WPI, Worcester, MA
09/92-06/93 Teaching Assistant, Physics Department, WPI, Worcester, MA
08/91-07/92 Research Assistant, Laboratory of Ozone Layer Problems, Institute of Energy Problems of Chemical Physics (IEPChPh), Moscow, Russia
University Service:
Faculty advisor to the Society of Physics Students(SPS) (2005-present)
Teaching Faculty Member of the University Honors Council (2005-2006, 2009-present)
Member of the College of Graduate Studies Graduate Faculty Review Committee (2015-2017)
Member of the College of Science Budget and Planning Committee (2005-2015)
Member of the Strategic Planning Committee (2010-2013)
Member of the College of Science Faculty Affairs Committee (2008-2010)
College of Science Representative at the University Honors Council (2007-2008)
Member of the University Scholars Council (2006-2007)
Faculty Advisor to the Society of Medical Physics Students (2005-2006)
Professional Service:
President of the Society of Physics Students 2020-2022
Faculty advisor to the Society of Physics Students, 2005-present
Zone Counselor for Zone 7, Society of Physics Students, 2013-2016, 2016-2019
Faculty SPS Outreach Coordinator, 2011-present
Faculty advisor for Undergraduate Research, 2005-present

Director of the Physics Undergraduate Program, 2019-present
Director of the Physics Graduate Program, 2009-2015
Interim co-director of the Medical Physics Graduate program, 2015-2018
Proposal Reviewer for the Research Corporation, 2009-present

Program consultant to NSF sponsored IGERT program: "Teaching Craft of Macromolecular Creativity", Louisiana State University, 2006-2008

Special Award Judge, North Eastern Ohio Science and Engineering Fair, CSU, March 2007

Local Co-Chair of the physics conference "Einstein Centennial: From Brownian
     Motion to the Physics of Complexity", October 14-15, 2005, Cleveland, OH

Project advisor to Horizon Academy student C. Okafor "Springs on Air Table",
     FIRST PRIZE, North Eastern Ohio Science and Engineering Fair, JCU, March 2005
Community Service:
Organized Physics Outreach program at the Campus International School (CIS). A series of interactive physics lessons has been given monthly by the Society of Physics Students (SPS) to K-8 kids from CIS since Spring 2011. This effort has won national recognition via s consecutive Marsh White Awards (2011-2018)from the American Institute of Physics and 2014 Future Faces of Physics Award.

Developed and taught physics portion ("Flying Circus of Physics") of the Summer Honors Institute (SHI) "Problem Solving in Three Dimensions" at CSU during Summer 07, Summer 08, and Summer 09. SHI was developed for Ohio resident 9th and 10th graders identified as gifted in accordance with Ohio Department of Education (ODE) criteria. (sponsored by a grant from ODE)
Research Grants:
2021USRA, ┬┐Microgel Shape Fluctuations Studied by Depolarized DLS┬┐ $6,540(PI),Office of Research,CSU

FRD2020 Award "Investigating polymeric microgel composition via light & X-ray scattering",$24,828(PI),University Research Council,CSU

National Science Foundation, REU site:"Synthesis, Assembly,& Characterization of Soft Matter"$312,303(PI)2017-2021

2020USRA"Imaging of soft-matter particulate systems using SEM"$5,540(co-PI)
2019USRA "Towards Understanding Entropy Driven Microgel Volume Phase Transition" $4.9k(PI)
2018USRA:1)"Entropy driven volume phase transition in polymeric microgels" $5,467(PI);2)"Wet SEM Imaging of polymeric microgels in liquids",$5,490(co-PI)
2017USRA:1) "Characterizing Anisotropy in Elastinlike Polypeptide Nanoparticles", $8k(co-PI);2)"Electron Microscopy & Light Scattering of Microgels under Dynamic Temperature Conditions",$7,980(PI)
2016USRA:1)"Correlating temperature controlled wet electron microscopy with light scattering on example of polymeric microgels",$8560(PI);2)"Protein Design for High School Students: Design & Characterization of Nanoparticle forming polypeptides",$10.8k(co-PI)

2015 Multi-college Interdisciplinary Research Program(MIRP):"Designing Drug delivery materials with the help of high school students",$75k,Office of Research

2015USRA "Polymeric Microgel Characterization with light scattering & wet-sample electron microscopy",$8.5k
2014USRA "Controlling micelle formation using mixtures of linear&foldon-caped polypeptides",$9060
2013USRA "AFM imaging and electrochemical/light scattering study of polymeric microgels loaded with a drug prototype",$9560
2012USRA "Study of Polypeptide Micelles",$12428

FRD2011 Award"Polysaccharide Microgels:Interaction with and Uptake of Small

2011 Engaged Learning Undergraduate Program(ELUP):1)"Polysaccharide Microgels as Soft Drug Delivery System"(PI),$9704,2)"Thermally Responsive Nanoparticles:Design & Characterization"(CO-PI),$8946,Office of Provost

COTTRELL College Science Award (2007-2010):"Synthesis, structure, transport, & swelling properties of a potential drug delivery system:HPC microgel nanoparticles",$40684, Research Corporation

2010ELUP"Design and Characterization of Thermally Responsive Nanoparticles",$9096
2010ELUP"Translation & Rotation Properties of Proteins and Biopolymers in Bio-Solvents",$8476
2009 ELUP"Measuring Rotational Diffusion of Proteins, Viruses,& Biopolymers",$8738
2009ELUP"Polymeric Microgels as a potential targeted drug delivery or biosensor system:a Chemical Physics Study"
2008ELUP"Smart Nanoparticle Vesicles-Micelles:Exploring Aggregation,Structure,Dynamics& Water Content under Different Solvent Conditions",$7573
2008ELUP"Polymeric Nanoparticles as Drug Delivery Agents:Exploring Loading Capacity",$7552
2007 Undergraduate Research Summer Experience,(5projects:"Micelles","Microgels"," Polymers","DLS","FTIR")$14k,Office of Provost
EFFRD2005 "Structure & Dynamics Studies of a Novel Mic