Brian Lawton Davis (Brian), Ph.D
 Title: Assoc Dean, Int Chair & Prof
Interim Associate Dean
 Dept: College of Engineering, Dean's Office
 Office: FH 232
 Phone: 216-687-2556
 Address: 2121 Euclid Ave. FH 232, Cleveland, OH 44115

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Research Keywords:
Medical devices, gait analysis, orthopedic biomechanics, pediatric biomedical engineering, instrumentation.
Ph.D., Exercise and Sport Science, Penn State University, 1991
M.S., Medicine/Biomedical Engineering, University of Cape Town, 1984
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Cape Town, 1981
Brief Bio:
Brian L. Davis, Ph.D. is the Interim Associate Dean of the College of Engineering at Cleveland State University. Prior to joining CSU this year, he was a Professor of Biomedical Engineering at The University of Akron, serving as Chair from 2012 to 2018. In addition, he was formerly Vice Chair of the Department of Biomedical Engineering at The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, and Director of the Medical Device Solutions team. He played a key role in developing a partnership between the Cleveland Clinic and Parker Hannifin Corporation. Similarly, he served as co-Director of the joint Cleveland Clinic/CSU program in Applied Biomedical Engineering. In terms of medical devices, Davis has led a number of initiatives focused on rehabilitation technology and instrumentation for assessing a patient's risk for diabetic foot ulceration. More recently he has received funding from the National Science Foundation for initiatives related to STEM outreach to under-represented students.
Honors and Awards:
2015 Elected as Fellow by the International Society of Biomechanics (inaugural group)
2014 Selected as "Supervisor of the Year" by the University of Akron
2011 Honorary steel ring awarded at Cleveland State University at a ceremony through The Order of the Engineer.
1995-2009 Executive Council of the International Society of Biomechanics (Sec.: 1997-2001; Newsletter Ed.: 2002-03)
2005-2007 President of the International Society of Biomechanics
2005 Conference co-Chairman, combined conference of International Society of Biomechanics and American Society of Biomechanics, 2005, Cleveland, OH
2005 Microstrain Award, American Society of Biomechanics
1999 Novel Award for best paper in the area of Foot Biomechanics
1994 Visiting Professor to Groote Schuur Hospital and University of Cape Town, South Africa
Creative and Activities:
In 2011, I created a regional science and engineering fair focusing on applications to health. The event, "Bridging Engineering Science and Technology in Medicine" (BEST Medicine) attracts students from numerous middle and high schools in NE Ohio. Now in its ninth year, the total number of students involved in this initiative (including participants, volunteers and graduate students) exceeds 1000. This initiative led to a NSF-funded INCLUDES conference grant focusing on biomedical engineering, biomaterials and biomechanics that was held in 2017.
Research Interests:
My early publications focused primarily on foot and ankle mechanics, especially related to total ankle arthroplasty. Even at that time, hip and knee replacements far exceeded ankle replacements largely due to the fact that arthritis of the hip and knee are major causes of disability, and other options (e.g., hip and knee arthrodesis) are associated with significant functional limitations. This is not the case with ankle arthrodesis, although patients with tibio-talar arthritis could potentially benefit from a viable total ankle replacement.  Another research interest related to foot pathologies relates to stresses applied to the skin of diabetic patients.  The overarching theme of this research area is to develop an understanding of the etiology of diabetic ulcer formation.  I have been fortunate to colaborate with many individuals and companies to develop advanced methods for assessing high-resolution pressure and shear distributions at the skin-ground interface.  This work has been presented at three international conferences and continues to be an active interest due to the global concern with diabetic foot complications.

In addition to the contributions described above, I have contributed extensively to the base of knowledge in the field of gait analysis, most notably through the co-authorship of a textbook "Dynamics of Human Gait".  This book was accompanied by a software package "Gait Laboratory" and eventually formed part of a commercial product.  I have since applied and extended the techniques of gait analysis to improve our understanding of musculoskeletal pathologies such as cerebral palsy and Chairi Malformation.

Developing advanced technologies for understanding orthopedic conditions has long been an interest of mine.  In this regard, I have led numerous federally-funded projects that have required designing and commissioning state-of-the-art equipment to probe musculoskeletal function.  The most advanced of these, the Universal Musculoskeletal Simulator, is designed to be used for conducting orthopedic research across a range of joints (both human and animal).
Teaching Areas:
Medical Device Failures.
Biomechanics of Human Movement.
Professional Affiliations:
International Society of Biomechanics
American Society of Biomedicals
Professional Experience:
1982 - 1983 Research Assistant, Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Cape Town
1984 - 1985 Biomedical Engineer, South African Medical Services, Technical Services
1986 - 1988 Biomedical Engineer, Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa
1986 - 1988 Lecturer, Univ. of Cape Town Med. School; 1986: Head of Biomechanics Group
1987 - 1988 Academic Coordinator, Dept. of Biomed Engineering, University of Cape Town
1988 - 1991 Research Assistant, The Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA
1992 - 2010 Asst./Assoc. Staff, Dept. of Biomed. Eng., Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH
1994 - 2010 Adjunct Assistant Professor, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland
1997 - 2010 Adjunct Assistant Professor, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH
2007 - 2010 Director, Medical Device Solutions, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH
2008 - 2010 Vice Chairman, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, Cleveland Clinic
2010 - 2012 Vice President, Austen BioInnovation Institute in Akron
2012 - 2018. Chairman, Department of Biomedical Engineering, The University of Akron
2019 - present Chairman, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Cleveland State University
University Service:
Interim Associate Dean, College of Engineering
Professional Service:
Board of Directors, Believe in Ohio  2014 - present
Board of Directors, Summit Workforce Solutions.  2011 - 2012
Board of Directors, Entrepreneurial Engagement Ohio. 2014 - present
Steering committee for Flexmatters and the Wearables and Embedded Technology Consortium.
Steering committee for Smart Device and Systems Cluster. 2016 - present

American Journal of Sports Medicine Clinical Biomechanics
Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering Gait and Posture
Journal of the American Physiological Society Journal of Applied Biomechanics
Journal of Biomechanics
Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery
Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science
Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy Journal of Testing and Evaluation
Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise PLOS ONE

CDMRP Peer Reviewed Research Programs (Chair of 2017 panel)
NIH Musculoskeletal, Oral and Skin Sciences (MOSS) review panel (2016) NIH Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Sciences (MRS) Study Section (2012) Nortech Innovation Awards (2011)
CDMRP Peer Reviewed Research Programs (multiple, including 2008, 2009, 2015, 2016)
Defense Medical Research and Development Program (DMRDP). Reviewer for Restoration Study Section.
Howard Hughes Medical Institute for their pre-college program. (2000). NIDDK for applications related to diabetic foot ulceration (2000).
NIH SBIR panel (SSS5 in Muscular, Skeletal & Dental Initial Review Group), 1998 and 2001.

Akron Bioinvestment Fund II (Due Diligence Committee). 2016 - present Believe in Ohio (Advisory Board member for a program focusing on entrepreneurship, 2013 - present)
Smart Devices Cluster Steering Committee (2014 - present) Launchtown (2013 - present)
Akron Biomedical Corridor Executive Board (2012 - 2015)
Cleveland Clinic: Musculoskeletal Advisory Committee. 2006 - 2010. Cleveland State University: Dean's "Visiting Committee" for the College of Engineering.  (2007 - 2010)
Cleveland Clinical and Translational Science Collaborative: Multidisciplinary Advisory Committee for the post-doctoral clinical/translational research program. 2009 - 2010
Groote Schuur Hospital: Equipment Advisory Committee, 1987-1988. International Society of Biomechanics: Tokyo Congress Scientific Advisory
Committee, 1997
University of Akron: External Advisory Board for the Department of Biomedical Engineering (2002 - 2010)
Community Service:
NSF AYS 0639567 ( 10/01/06 - 9/3/2009).
Science in the Circle : Integrating Arts and Humanities into Authentic Science Experiences.
Research Grants:
National Science Foundation
DCL INCLUDES: Bridging Engineering Science and Technology

Akron General Hospital
Computational Dynamic Simulation of Knee Function

Akron Children's Hospital
Application of motion magnification technology for remote monitoring of pulse and
respiratory rates in infants and children

Summa Orthopaedics
The Stress Riser Effect at the Interface of a Total Knee Arthroplasty Anterior Flange and Intramedullary Nail

Ohio Third Frontier (2015 - 2016)
A Microfluidic Device for Quantitative Roadside Detection of Cannabinoids in Saliva

Ohio Third Frontier (2015 - 2016)
Additively Manufactured Prosthetic Socket Cooling System

Veterans Administration (9/1/2012 - 8/31/2013)  
Synergistic Improvements for Transfemoral Amputees

NIH (1/11/2011 - 12/30/2012)
Measurement and classification of vertical and shear forces and distributions in diabetic patients

State of Ohio (10/1/2010 - 9/30/2012)
Diagnostic Engineering Technologies for Evaluating Connective Tissues (DETECT)

Economic Development Agency (U.S. Department of Commerce)
Innovative Solutions to Invention Xceleration (ISIX)

Akron Community Foundation (3/1/2011 - 12/31/2012)
Bridging Engineering Science and Technology in Medicine

Burton D. Morgan Foundation (3/1/2011 - 12/31/2013
Bridging Engineering Science and Technology in Medicine

Ohio Department of Development (7/1/2008 - 6/30/2011).
Rapid Rehabilitation and Return to Function for Amputee Soldiers.

Ohio Department of Development (6/1/2009 - 5/31/2012).
Nitinol Commercialization Accelerator.

Ohio Department of Development (3/1/2010 - 2/28/2013).
Clinically-Applied Rehabilitation Engineering (CARE)

NIH (9/15/2009 - 6/30/2010)
Measurement and classification of vertical and shear forces and distributions in diabetic patients

NASA (11/1/2009 - 6/1/2010)
A New Harness for use with Exercise Countermeasures - Validation of Improved Comfort and Loading with the Center for Space Medicine (CSM) Harness.

NIH-NIAMS - 39750 Center Grant (1992-1993)
Development of a device to quantify skin loading conditions

Thorlo, Inc. (1993-1994)
Design of a transducer for measuring pressure and shear under the feet

Juvenile Diabetes Research International (1993-1995)
Investigation of the influence of surface material on shear and pressure under the forefeet of diabetic patients

Cleveland Clinic Foundation (1993-1994)
Biomechanical comparison of one-stage versus two-stage bilateral knee replacement

Cleveland Clinic Foundation (1994-1995)
Objective quantification of spasticity before and after selective dorsal rhizotomy surgery

The Lord Corporation (1995-1998)
Design and evaluation of (i) an above-knee prosthetic control system, and (ii) A below- knee prosthetic damper

NASA (1995-1998).
Lower limb response to impact loads in 1G and in microgravity

Whitaker Foundation (1995-1998)
Investigation of mechanical factors predisposing diabetic foot ulceration