Recent Poems:

Conduit, ¿Notes on Notes on Thought and Vision,¿ 2019. Forthcoming.
New American Writing, ¿Wilderness,¿ 2019. Forthcoming.
The Paris Review, "Saturday," 2018.
Apartment Poetry, "Seance," 2018.
Academy of American Poets, Poem-a-Day, "Red Sky," 2016.
Poetry International, "Olde Main Street Inn," 2016.
The New Old Stock, "The Traveler," 2015.
Pangyrus, "Young Man Afraid of His Horses," 2014.
Women's Quarterly Conversation, "Ghost Town," 2014.
Poetry Daily, "Telephone," 2013.
Iowa Review, "Telephone," "Mausoleum," 2013.
Thermos, "Badlands," "Four Dead Men," 2013.
notnostrums, "The Haunting," 2013.
They Will Sew The Blue Sail (VOLTA), "Old Wars," 2013.

Recent Essays:

The Collagist, "Lost in Thought," 2018.
Entropy, "Alphabet," 2016.
Essay Press, Chapbook, "Paul Revere's," 2015.
Wave Composition, "Out of Nowhere Into Nothing," 2015.
Thermos, "Reality of the Unseen," 2013.
Mississippi Review, "The Lucid Ship," 2013.

Recent Interviews:

The Collagist, Author Interview, 2018.
Kenyon Review, ¿Present in Process, Editor Interview, 2018.
Publisher¿s Weekly, ¿School Ties,¿ Editor Interview, 2018.
Essay Press, CSU Poetry Center New Author Interviews, 2016.
Sound of Applause with Dee Perry, WCPN Cleveland, 2015.
Entropy Magazine, Small Press Publishing Interview, 2015.
Black Hill Press blog, "The How The Why," Small Press Publishing Interview, 2015.  
Best America Poetry blog, "Meet the Press," Small Press Publishing Interview, 2015.
12 or 20 Questions, Small Press Publishing Interview, 2015.
Women's Quarterly Conversation "Profiles in Poetics," Book Interview, 2014.
VOLTA, "Take Down The Clouds," Process Interview, 2013.
BOMBBlog, "Artists in Conversation," 2013.