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Paul Miniard, Rama K. Jayanti, Cecilia Alvarez, and Peter Dickson ¿What Brand Extensions Need to Fully Benefit from Their Parental Heritage,¿ Forthcoming in the Journal of Academy of Marketing Science. (FT50 Journal)

Jayanti, Rama K. and S. Raghunath (2018), ¿Institutional Entrepreneur Strategies in Emerging Economies: Creating Market Exclusivity for the Rising Affluent,¿ Forthcoming in Journal of Business Research (ABDC A Journal)

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Jayanti, R. K., Gallagher, V. C., Porter, T. H., (2013). "Internal Marketing to Champion Sustainability Initiatives: Sustainability Managers as Change Agents," in Doing Well By Doing Good: New Perspectives on Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development; Fourth Research Symposium of the Society for Global Business and Economic Development (SGBED), IIMB, India.

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