Codes for solo clarinet
Cosmo for bass guitar, vibraphone, clarinet
Backlash for saxophone and percussion
Jenny's Dance for percussion and dancer
Les Interludes a moi for orchestra
Pinions lie down in tin for flute and percussion
Let's for voice and piano
Exeter Echoes for flute, oboe, trumpet, bassoon and two percussionists
almost Peace for string orchestra
Lava Lamp Ooze for orchestra
Nocturnes for trumpet and piano
Six Afterludes for piano four hands
You asked me once what I would remember for flute, English horn, violin ,viola, vibraphone and celesta
Lines and Spaces for clarinet, string bass and percussion
Mnesmosyne for violin, French horn and piano
Two What Length for oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, piano, violin , viola, bass, and percussion
Lullaby:  My Little Dear for soprano and piano
Signum for oboe, trumpet, two violins and viola
Response for flute and oboe
Sept for marimba solo
Fragments for trombone