Scholarship on American Literature and the Visual Arts

¿Kemble¿s Figures and Dunbar¿s Folks: Picturing the Work of Visual Illustration in Paul Laurence Dunbar¿s Short Fiction.¿  To be included in We Wear the Mask:  Paul Laurence Dunbar and the Representation of Black Identity.  Willie Harrell, ed.  Kent State University Press, 2007.

¿Staging Remediation: The Minstrel, The Camera, and The Octoroon.¿  Criticism, Summer 2007.

¿¿Merely a pictorial subject¿:  The Turn of the Screw.¿  Studies in American Fiction, Spring 2005.

¿Shaping a Body of One¿s Own:  Rebecca Harding Davis¿s Life in the Iron Mills and Waiting for the Verdict.¿  The Arizona Quarterly, Spring 2004.

¿¿Singularly like a bad illustration¿:  The Appearance of James ¿The Real Thing¿ in the
Pot-Boiler Press.¿ Texas Studies in Literature and Language, Summer 2003.

¿Painting, Photography and Fidelity in The Tragic Muse.¿ Henry James Review, Winter 2003.

Criticism in Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Literatures and Histories

¿Lonesome Cowboys, Meet Mainstream Mores:  Adapting Annie Proulx¿s Novella to the
Cineplex¿s Movie Screens.¿  Submitted to The Brokeback Book:  Essays in Annie Proulx¿s and Ang Lee¿s ¿Brokeback Mountain.¿  William Handley and Jesse Matz, eds.  Essay collection currently undergoing editorial review for publication in 2007.

¿Performing the ¿Unnatural¿ Life:  America¿s First Gay Autobiography.¿  Biography, Fall 2002.