BOOKS: Management Consulting in C. & E. Europe (co-author), KJK Publishing, 2003
Statistics for the 21st Century (co-author), Irwin Professional Publishing, 1995
Business Marketing (lead author), Houghton Mifflin, College Text Division, 1993
Education and Jobs (co-author), Science Council of Canada, 1973.

JOURNAL ARTICLES: Business Economics, Business Horizons; Columbia Journal
of World Business, Environmental Management, Industrial and Labor Relations
Review, Industrial Marketing Management, International Business Review,
International Marketing Review, Journal of Global Marketing, etc.

PAPERS IN PROCEEDINGS: American Marketing Association, Academy of Marketing
Sciences, Administrative Science Association of Canada, European Society
for Opinion and Market Research, Hungarian Academy of Marketing, etc.

Member: boards of editors, select international business and marketing journals
Member and officer: various professional associations and civic organizations
Reviewer: selected textbook, business press and academic press publication
Expert witness: select legal cases, mediation board hearings, adjudications


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