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  Last  First Name Department Title Phone(216)
*Arndt, Timothy Information Systems Professor 687-4779
*Ataseven, Cigdem Operations and Supply Chain Management Associate Professor 687-3793
*Bakke, Sharen Information Systems Senior College Lecturer AAU 875-9803
*Baran, Benjamin (Ben) Management Assistant Professor 687-4736
*Barnes, Susan (Susan F. Storrud-Barnes) Management Associate Professor 687-4752
*Cai, Chen Finance Assistant Professor 687-6933
*Celiker, Umut Finance Assistant Professor 687-3683
*Chen, Injazz Operations and Supply Chain Management Professor 687-4776
*Chen, Jen-Yi (Jay) Operations and Supply Chain Management Associate Professor 687-4748
*Choi, Jungsil (David) Marketing Associate Professor 687-4777
  D top
Davisson, Donna Marketing Associate College Lecturer AAU 875-9288
*DeGroot, Timothy Management Associate Professor
Associate Professor
*Deng, Ping Management Prof & Monte Ahuja Endow Chair
Professor & Monte Ahuja Endowed Chair of Global Business
*Dixit, Ashutosh Marketing Professor
Professor of Marketing
*Dunegan, Kenneth Management Chair & Professor 687-4735
*Foltin, L Craig (Craig) Accounting Assistant Professor 687-3658
*Gallagher, Kevin Management Associate Professor 523-7232
*Gallagher, Vickie Management Professor 687-4711
Ghosh, Amit Marketing Mkt Chair, OSM IntChair & Prof 687-4770
  H top
*Heath, Michele Management Assistant Professor 687-4731
*Henry, Raymond (Ray) College of Business, Dean's Office Assoc Dn, Chair, & Prof 687-4785
*Holtzblatt, Mark Accounting Associate Professor 875-9711
*Iaquinto, Anthony Management Assistant Professor 687-4782
*Jayanti, Rama Marketing Professor 687-4786
*Jia, Weishi Accounting Assistant Professor 687-4743
*Kaminsky, Daniel (Dan) Accounting Associate College Lecturer AAU 687-2081
Klee, Roger Finance Associate College Lecturer AAU 875-9866
  L top
*Lee, Paul Accounting Associate Professor 687-4729
*McClain, Bruce Accounting Professor 687-3652
*Meier, Heidi College of Business, Dean's Office Assoc Dean, Acctg Chair, Prof 687-3671
*Mills, Paul Marketing Assistant Professor 687-4724
*Molina, Richard Accounting Associate Professor 687-4759
*Park, Jieun Marketing Associate Professor 687-4787
*Paul, Howard Information Systems Associate Professor 687-3685
*Pesta, Bryan Management Professor 687-3730
Polomsky, Michael Operations and Supply Chain Management Senior College Lecturer AAU 687-4834
*Porter, Tracy Management Assistant Professor 687-3785
Putrevu, Sanjay College of Business, Dean's Office Dean,Ahuja Endw Ch & Professor 687-3786
  R top
Raimer, Russell Finance Associate College Lecturer AAU 687-3684
*Rickett, Laura Accounting Associate Professor 687-3672
Roncagli, Francis (Blaise) Finance Associate College Lecturer AAU 687-4737
Rozen, Etzmun Accounting Associate Professor 687-4727
Ruggeri, Kimberly Marketing Associate College Lecturer AAU 687-3670
*Shen, Yinjie (Victor) Finance Assistant Professor 875-9804
*Sikder, Iftikhar Information Systems Associate Professor 687-4758
*Slotnick, Susan Operations and Supply Chain Management Professor 687-3876
*Smith, Deborah Accounting Associate Professor 687-3809
*Spears, Janine Information Systems Associate Professor 687-3795
Suetta, Zachary Marketing Instructor
Assistant Professor - Visiting
*Sukhoy, Alexsandra Marketing College Lecturer - Visiting 687-3836
  T top
*Topor, David Management Associate College Lecturer AAU 687-3728
*Valcea, Sorin Management Assistant Professor 687-5058
*Vander Weerdt, Candice Management Assistant College Lecturer 687-5546
*Wang, Shuai (Amy) Finance Assistant Professor 687-3694
*Wang, Wei Finance Associate Professor 875-9854
*Yetmar, Scott Accounting Associate Professor 687-3999
*Zhou, Haigang Finance Chair & Professor 687-3687
*Zhu, Fengxia (Sandy Zhu) Marketing Assistant Professor 687-3682

* Graduate Faculty

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