Kelly L Wrenhaven, Ph.D.
 Title: Associate Professor
Director of Undergraduate Studies & Classical Studies
 Dept: History
 Office: RT 1325
 Phone: 216-687-3927
 Address: 2121 Euclid Ave. RT 1325, Cleveland, OH 44115

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Research Keywords:
slavery,slaves,barbarian,ethnicity,ethnocentrism,ancient Greece,ancient Rome,democracy,Athens,epigraphy,ideology,ancient art,comedy,Greek,Latin,race,racism,democracy,freedom
Ph.D., Classics and Ancient History, University of St Andrews, Scotland
MPhil, Ancient History, University of Cambridge, England
M.A., Classics, University of British Columbia, Canada
B.A., Classical Studies, University of British Columbia, Canada
Brief Bio:
Kelly Wrenhaven is Associate Professor of Classics. She is also the Director of Classical Studies and the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of History. Her research interests include ancient Greek slavery; epigraphy, especially manumission documents; the construction of civic and cultural identity through opposition; perceptions of the body, especially ancient ideas about beauty and ugliness and perceived differences between slave and free, barbarian and Greek bodies; how language can be used to construct identity; the use of evidential torture in Greek law courts; ancient sepulchral inscriptions and relief sculpture, with a concentration upon how status was illustrated; depictions of courtesans in art and literature and, more broadly, ancient ideas about prostitution and sexuality.

Her first book, Reconstructing the Slave (Bristol Classical Press, 2012), examines how the Greeks used literary, lexical, and artistic images of slaves to justify, naturalize, and perpetuate the institution of slavery in Classical Greece. Professor Wrenhaven is currently working on her second book, which is a comparative study of themes in Greek and American slavery.
Honors and Awards:
2017  Merit Award for Teaching and Research (CSU)
2014  Merit Award for Teaching and Research (CSU)
2013  Merit Award for Teaching and Research (CSU)
2012  Merit Award for Teaching and Research (CSU)
Research Interests:

Reconstructing the Slave: the image of the slave in ancient Greece (Bloomsbury Academic, 2014; Bristol Classical Press, 2012)

Animate Tools and Invisible Men: Themes in Classical and American Slavery (Penn Press; in progress)


"The Identity of the Wool-Workers in the Attic Manumissions", Hesperia 78.3: 367-386 (2009)

"Greek Representations of the Slave Body: A Conflict of Ideas?" Reading Ancient Slavery, eds. Richard Alston, Edith Hall, and Laura Proffitt (Bristol Classical Press, 2011)

"A Comedy of Errors: The Comic Slave in Greek Art," Slaves and Slavery in Ancient Greek Comic Drama, eds. Robert Tordoff and Ben Akrigg (Cambridge University Press, 2013)

"Barbarians at the Gate: foreign slaves in Greek city-states," Electryone 1 (University of the Aegean, January 2013)

"Slaves," A Companion to Ancient Education, ed. W. Martin Bloomer (Wiley-Blackwell, 2015)

"Slaves in Greek Literature and Art," Actual Archaeology Anatolia (Istanbul, Turkey, 2017)

"Slaves as Sex Objects in Greek Art," Slavery and Sexuality in Classical Antiquity, eds. D. Kamen and C. W. Marshall (forthcoming; The University of Wisconsin Press)


Contributor to the Oxford Classical Dictionary, Oxford University Press (2016)

"Phialai Exeleutherikai," Wiley-Blackwell's Encyclopedia of Ancient History, eds. Roger Bagnall, Kai Brodersen, Craige Champion, Andrew Erskine, Sabine Hübner (2012)


Rev. of Ismard, P., Democracy's Slaves. London, 2017. Journal of Hellenic Studies (2018)

Rev. of Forsdyke, Slaves Tell Tales. Princeton, 2012. Journal of Hellenic Studies 134 (2014)

Rev. of Andreu and Descat, The Slave in Greece and Rome. Wisconsin 2011. New England Classical Journal

Rev. of Worman, N. Abusive Mouths in Classical Athens. Cambridge 2008. Classical Review 60.2 (May 2010, Cambridge University Press)

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Rev. of Lynette G. Mitchell, Panhellenism and the Barbarian in Archaic and Classical Greece. Swansea 2007.  BMCR 2008.05.22
Teaching Areas:
Ancient History
Classical Civilization
Greek and Roman Art
Greek and Latin
Professional Affiliations:
Archaeological Institute of America
Professional Experience:
2013--------: Associate Professor of Classics, Cleveland State University
2008-2013: Assistant Professor of Classics, Cleveland State University
2006-2008: Lecturer in Greek and Roman Studies, University of Victoria
2005-2006: Lecturer in Greek History, Trinity College Dublin
2003-2005: Assistant to the Review Editor (C.J. Smith) of the Journal of Roman Studies
2002-2005: Tutor in Latin, Ancient History, and Classical Studies, University of St Andrews
University Service:
Director of Undergraduate Studies (History), 2018-
CLASS College Secretary, 2018-
Ph.D. Co-Supervisor (external), Dept. of Med. Studies, University of the Aegean, 2017-
Chair, Department Peer Review Committee (History), 2017-2018
Committee on Undergraduate Student Success, 2017-
CLASS Budget and Finance Committee, 2016-2018
Faculty Senate Budget and Finance Committee, 2015-2017
Curriculum Committee, WLLC, 2013-15
Director of Classical Studies, 2014-
eLearning Committee, CLASS representative, 2013-2015
CLASS Budget and Planning Committee, 2012-2014
CLASS Academic Standards Committee, 2010-2012
University Graduate Faculty, 2008-
Program Committee, Department of Modern Languages, 2008-2012
Classical and Medieval Studies (CLAM) Committee, 2008-2012
Library Liaison, Department of Modern Languages, 2009-2012
Professional Service:
Member of the Editorial Committee for the journal "Electryone"
Reviewer for "Journal of Hellenic Studies"
Reviewer for Wiley-Blackwell
Reviewer for "Historia"
Reviewer for "Cultural Encounters, Conflicts, and Resolutions"
Research Grants:
2018, Textbook Affordability Grant, CSU
2015, Faculty Scholarship Initiative (FSI) Grant, CSU