Jorge E Gatica
 Title: Professor
Graduate Program Director
 Dept: Chemical & Biomedical Engineering
 Office: FH 459
 Phone: 216-523-7274,  216-523-7462
 Fax: 216-687-9220
 Address: 2121 Euclid Ave. FH 459, Cleveland, OH 44115

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Research Keywords:
Reaction Engineering, Transport Phenomena and Chemical Kinetics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Tribology, Combustion and Process Control
Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, State University of New York at Buffalo, 1989
M.S., Chemical Engineering, Universidad Nacional del Sur, 1984
B.S., Chemical Engineering, Universidad Nacional del Sur, 1979
B.A., Chemistry, Universidad Nacional del Sur, 1978
Brief Bio:
Dr. Gatica received his Ph.D. degree from the State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo. His research activities center on the application of Reaction Engineering principles towards investigating problems relevant to Materials Science, Chemical, Biomedical, and Environmental Engineering. His interests also include web-enhanced education and the integration of computers in Engineering curricula.

His teaching activities include graduate and undergraduate level courses in fundamental and advanced Reaction Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Numerical Methods in Engineering, and Transport Phenomena. He is an active member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers(AIChE) and the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE). He has over 100 technical presentations at national and international meetings, and more than 50 publications in refereed journals. He is a member of several editorial boards of Science and Technology publications, and is a frequent reviewer for several Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Combustion publications, as well as a proposal reviewer for several federal agencies. His research on hybrid C-C composites was the first CSU project supported by the OAI Core Program. His research with NASA Glenn Research Center has resulted in a recent patent application for conversion/protective coating technology.

Dr. Gatica serves as a mentor for undergraduate minority and high-school students, formerly a board member of Esperanza (the only non-for-profit organization dedicated to the academic advancement of North East Ohio Hispanic population) he currently serves a CSU-Esperanza liaison, actively interacts with the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), and he also serves as an adviser for Project SEED (ACS) and as a mentor for minority students. Dr. Gaticas Community Partnerships for HOPE Project, a recruitment and minority advancement initiative, was the first Engineering initiative funded under the (CSU) Presidential Initiative Program. In 2004, Dr. Gatica was the first Cleveland State University Distinguished Faculty Advisor Award.
Honors and Awards:
Distinguished Faculty Advisor (Cleveland State University) 2004.

Merit Recognition Award, Extraordinary Achievements in Teaching, Creative Activities, and Contributions to the Profession, (Cleveland State University) 2002, 2004, 2006.

Best Teacher Award (University Center for Teaching and Learning, Cleveland State University) 1999-2000

Engineering Faculty Bonus Merit Award, Teaching, Research & Service, (Fenn College of Engineering, Cleveland State University) 1997-98, 1998-99, 1999-2000.
Teaching Areas:
Calculus and Analytical Geometry
Programming for Engineers (Fortran 77/90/95, ANSI C, C++, JAVA)
Numerical Methods for Engineers
Transport Phenomena
Process Control
Chemical Reactor Design
Statistical Analysis of Experimental Data (Statistics in the Lab)
Process Modeling and Simulation
Advanced Materials Processing
Advanced Reactor Design
Mathematical Methods in Chemical Engineering
Nonlinear Phenomena in Chemical Engineering
Advanced Numerical Methods
Advanced Materials Processing
Advanced Heat Transfer
Thermodynamics & Chemical Kinetics in Environmental Engineering
Internet-based Education (Web Education)
Professional Affiliations:
American Institute of Chemical Engineers
   Associate Member (1990-2000), Member (2000-current),
   Session Chairman, Annual Meeting, (1990-current)
American Ceramic Society
American Society for Engineering Education
   North Central Executive Board (2000-2002),
   Regional Meeting Program Chair (2000-2001)
Biomedical Engineering Society
Cleveland Engineering Society
CACHE, Corp. (Computer-Aided Chemical Engineering Education),
   CSU Representative (1992-current)
Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society
Professional Engineer License
   Fundamentals of Engineering, Engineering Intern Certification (1999)
Associate Editor, Combustion Science and Technology
Esperanza, Inc. (Non-Profit Organization for the Advancement of Hispanics
   Executive Board Member, (January 2001-January 2004)
Hispanic Services Coalition, Academic Development Team (June 2005  current)
Professional Experience:
09/04 - current Professor, Department of Chemical & Biomedical Engineering / CSU
09/97 - 09/04 Associate Professor, Department of Chemical & Biomedical Engineering / CSU
09/92 - 09/97 Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering / CSU
06/89 - 09/92 Research Associate, Lab. for Ceramic & Reaction Eng. / University at Buffalo (SUNY)
11/86 - 12/88 Teaching Assistant, Chemical Engineering / University at Buffalo (SUNY)
01/83 - 12/84 Lecturer, Southern National University (UNS, Bahía Blanca) / Argentina
04/82 - 12/84 Advanced Research Fellow, CONICET-Plapiqui / Argentina
04/80 - 12/84 Teaching Assistant, Southern National University (UNS, Bahía Blanca) / Argentina
04/80 - 04/82 Initiation Research Fellow, CONICET-Plapiqui / Argentina
06/79 - 04/80 Research Assistant, Southern National University (UNS, Bahía Blanca) / Argentina
University Service:
Undergraduate and Graduate Academic Advisor, Chemical and Biomedical Engineering (1992-current).

Mentor for High-School minority students interested in Engineering (1995-current).

ACE Program, SEED (ACS) Project, and Partnerships for HOPE Project

Mentor for Hispanic Science and Engineering students (2001-current)

Host for High-School students interested in Engineering (1994-current).

Coordinator for several WWW-based projects (1996-current).

Coordinator for International Academic Exchange Programs with four (4) Foreign Universities
- Universidad Nacional del Sur (UNS, In Process, Bahía Blanca, Argentina).
- Universidad Nacional de Tucumán (UNT, 2001-current, Tucumán, Argentina).
- Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto (UNRC, 2000-current, Córdoba, Argentina).
- Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU, 2000-current, Taiwan)
Professional Service:
Invited Workshop Leader (with G. Saidel, M. Cabrera, H. Brunengraber, W. Stanley, M. Nasca, M. Puchowicz and J.M. Belovich "Workshop on Modeling Metabolic Dynamics," Case Western Research Univ. (June 2003, June 2004).

Invited Workshop Leader (with J.M. Belovich) "Principles of Design & Operation of Bioreactors," Ohio Aerospace Institute-NASA John Glenn Research Center (June 2003).

Invited Workshop Leader "Transforming Science and Engineering Education through Interactive Technologies," Visiting Professor, Faculty Workshop, National University of Tucumán, S.M. de Tucumán, Argentina.  

Invited Graduate Program Lecturer "Thermodynamics and Chemical Kinetics in Environmental Engineering," Visiting Professor, Graduate Program, Southern National University, Bahía Blanca, Argentina.
Research Grants:
Ongoing Research Support
1. P50 GM66309 Saidel, G.M. (PI); J.M. Belovich and J.E. Gatica (PIs for CSU subcontract) 07/1/02 - 06/30/07
"Center for Modeling Integrated Metabolic Systems"
This center grant has the aim of developing a comprehensive mathematical model of metabolism in humans, based on detailed models of metabolism and transport in each of the major organ systems (liver, heart, muscle, and brain) and the integration of these models.  The model is developed with and corroborated by in vivo data.  My role is to develop the mathematical model for mammalian brain tissue.  
Funding (2001-2007) $ 11,900,000 Gatica effort: 20% effort for FY 06

2. Pre-Award Gatica, J.E. (PI) 10/06 - 09/07
NASA, Glenn Research Center
"Coatings for High-temperature Wear and Friction Control: Characterization and Deposition Mechanisms"
This project is an on-going research seeking extension to metal working operations, underground power generation, conversion coatings, and emergency no-oil alternatives is currently being evaluated. Two major issues with this project rest with the experimental setup for wear and friction (at ex-AMC facilities): continuous lubrication (in a vapor-mist form), and thermal management. These issues require the replacement/repair of analytical facilities.
Funding (2006-2007) Equipment Gatica effort: 20% effort for FY 06

Recent Completed Research Support

"Deposition and Characterization of Thin Films on Metallic Substrates, $ 20,600 (2003-2005, NASA John Glenn Research Center at Lewis Field)

"Community Partnerships for HOPE (Hispanic Opportunities for Professional Education)," with Esperanza, Inc. and ACE Program (Fenn College of Engineering), $ 50,000 (2003-2004, Cleveland State University-Gund Foundation-Cleveland Foundation: "President's Initiative Program").

"Java-based Multi-media Modules for Computer-aided Instruction," $ 5,000 (Spring 2003, University Center for Teaching & Learning: "Teaching Enhancement Awards").

"Study of Homogeneous Catalytic Effects in Solutions of Organic Phosphates and Transition Metals," $45,790 (2002-2003, NASA John Glenn Research Center at Lewis Field).

"Web-based Distribution and Management of Virtual Industrial Scenarios," $ 5,000 (Summer 2002, University Center for Teaching & Learning: "Teaching Enhancement Awards").

"Development of Web-based coursework in Manufacturing & Engineering Management," with J.M. Belovich, B. Ghorashi, P. Petersen, D.B. Shah & S. Ungarala,  $ 107,000 (2002-2004, Ohio Learning Network/U. Cincinnati).

"Teaching 'statistics in laboratory' through Interactive Tutorials," with D.B. Shah, $ 5,000 (Spring 2002, University Center for Teaching & Learning: "Teaching Enhancement Awards").

"Development of a Dynamic Interactive Data-base for Course and Program Assessment," $ 1,560 (Spring 2002, Cleveland State University -George Gund Foundation: "Assessment Grants Program").